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Currently Available Tests
Webinar 12 (L)Gastroesphageal Reflux Disease: Diagnostic Paradigms
Webinar 12On Demand - Gastroesphageal Reflux Disease: Diagnostic Paradigms
Webinar 11On Demand - Derivation and Validation of a Novel Opioid-Induced Respiratory Depression Risk Prediction Tool
Webinar 10On Demand: Monitoring Regional Oxygen Saturation: Assessing the Value of NIRS in Clinical Practice
Webinar 08 - Nurse AnesthetistRespiratory Compromise: Risk Prediction on the General Care Floor(Nurse Anesthetist)
Webinar 06Bundling Care to Enhance Readiness to Wean
Test Fee: $8.00
Webinar 05Early Warning Systems: Early Identification of the Deteriorating Patient
Test Fee: $8.00
Webinar 04Liberation from mechanical ventilation: Can telehealth help expedite?
Test Fee: $8.00
Webinar 03The Link Between Sedation & Asynchrony
Test Fee: $8.00
Webinar 02Common, Costly, Deadly: Respiratory Depression
Test Fee: $8.00
Webinar 01Identifying Postoperative Respiratory Compromise: Comprehensive Assessment of Ventilation and Oxygenation
Test Fee: $8.00
No.5Monitoring Oxygen Toxicity in the Preterm Infant: Mechanisms, Critical Questions and Clinical Challenges
Test Fee: $8.00
No.3In-Hospital Resuscitation: Early Intervention and Rescue
Rapid Response Systems: Consensus and Controversy

Test Fee: $8.00
No.2Clinical Alarms and the Impact on Patient Safety Panel Discussion: Clinical Alarms: Where are we today?
Test Fee: $8.00
No.1Postoperative Respiratory Depression and Opioid Therapy
Test Fee: $8.00

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